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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Slept at Dhevarat Hotel

Home - Travel stories - Nan - Slept at Dhevarat Hotel

466 Thanon Sumonthevaraj, Mueang Nan, Nan, 054-751577, www.dhevarajhote;.com

This is a large hotel in the center of Nan, the market is on the other side of the street, the river is 5 minutes walking, The hotel does not look very impressive.
As fas as we know, it's the only hotel in the center of town.

It's a very compex buidling.
On the front is, as you may expect, the reception. Behing the reception is a small roofed over inner courtyard, the restaurant is on one side. Above the courtyard are rooms.
And behind the first courtyard is a very big second courtyard, surrounded by rooms, most rooms are on the outside, but some are on the inside. Tis second courtyard is used fo parties and other kind of festivities.

The staff at the reception is friendly and willing to help. Showing you a few rooms is no problem.

During our first visit we had a vast, very light room in the back of the building. That's all we know about it.
During our second visit we had a standard room, on the outside of the second courtyard. The room was small and tidy. It was renovated recently. There was a nice dressing tabel, and a cupboard. The bed was comfortable.
The bathroom was, just like the room, small. So after showering, the toilet seat was wet.
During our last visit, there was a wedding party in the second courtyard, but inside our room we did not hear any noise.

Breakfast, a buffet, was ok, but not special. Brekafast is served in the restaurant next to the first courtyard.

There is a vast parking place in the back of the hotel, in front are only a few parking places. There is a swimming pool, on the roof, above the kitchen. On the second courtyard is a massage parlour, we were not very impressed.

We stayed in this hotel two times. The first time at least 15 years ago. The last time in March 2010.


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