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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Dined at Bann Bar

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The road

The road.

Along Thanon Latkrabangop on the corner of Soi Mae Lamai, Latkrabang, Bangkok, opposite the exit to the airport.

This is a small but very busy restaurant, specializing in fish, that is grilled in a salt crust.
Of course we have eaten fish, but also fried rice and Thai salads. We have been there every time with family, who ordered all the food. We do not know what's on the menu.
But we do know that the food has tasted us well.

The first time we were early, one of the first guests. We could still figure out a nice place to sit. And we even had to wait because the fish was not ready.
But after half an hour there was no free table anymore. People were even sitting on the terrace of the adjacent cocktail bar.
On our second visit we could just get a table.

The terrace

The terrace.

You can sit inside or outside, outside is more room, and it's fun. While you're at an intersection near the airport, you do not have loads of traffic. Most of the traffic to and from the airport uses the highways, and not Thanon Latkrabang.
The restaurant has its own parking, in the soi next to it. In Thailand you often just park the car along the road but this is more convenient.

The kitchen is in the back of the restaurant, we have not seen anything, but as previously mentioned, the chefs know their trade.
But the fish is grilled outside, next to the restaurant. The fish, which are plugged on a skewer running around side by side, driven by an electric motor and a bicycle chain.

We have been there for the first time in February 2010, and the last time in Februari 2015.
The family goes there regularly, or they call an order and pick it up later.


The cook started working at Jerry Pink Seafood Restaurant .
We have not been there.


The restaurant changed its name.
It's now called Bann Bar.
We enjoined the food.


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