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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Thung Kwian Market

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The Thung Kwian market is locatedon the road from Lampang to Chiang Mai in the Hang Chat district, we have the feeling it is the middle of the wilderness, because we have not seen any village nearby.
The market consists of a number of halls, and in front a very busy car park. In the car park a lot of things are sold as well.

Northern Thai sausage

Northern Thai sausage.

We went there, because we had heard, or read, that all kinds of products from the jungle were to be sold here.



That was true, we have seen eggs of red ants and pieces of meat of a wild boar. And lots of vegetables.



But also clothing, CDs, packaged tea, dried herbs, and many products which are likely to be made in the vicinity of the market.
In some markets, you can also see many plants that are likely to be picked from the jungle. These plants we have not seen here fortunately.

Pickled vegetables

Pickled vegetables.

Later we have been here once again, and we got the idea that the market is increasingly crowded, many visitors are shipped in by bus.
And the range of products from the jungle was, in our opinion, also diminished.
This market is perhaps not quite what is said about it, many products from the jungle, but it is fun to walk around and see what's for sale.

Our last visit was in 2012.


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