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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Mae Sai

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Mae Sai is the northernmost town of Thailand. There is a busy border crossing to Myanmar.

From Chiang Rai you drive in about an hour on a good dual carriageway to Mae Sai. The highway seems to walk up to the border, right through Mae Sai. The road remains wide, but there are more and more parked cars and buses.

Once in Mae Sai you have to find a parking lot, fortunately along the road there are people who are willing to help you.
We actually made use of them. We were led through a pair of narrow streets by a man on a bicycle, he often went faster than us, to a large parking lot near a hotel. Here we have parked the car, for a fee of course, under a roof.

The market

The market.

Memories of Crete

Memories of Crete.

After a few minutes walking we were back at the wide road, and at major border market. This market is very large, and consists of a maze of streets and alleys, partly on the slope of a hill. Everything is for sale, but especially tea, clothing, sunglasses and dried fruits. You can easily look around here for a few hours.
Some of the alleys are covered with a blue roof, that reminded us of Crete, where many blue is used.

The stairs to the temple.

The stairs to the temple.

View on Myanmar

View on Myanmar.

Up on the hill behind the market is a temple complex, Wat Phra That Wai Dao. To get there you need to climb a staircase, a few hundred steps. The temple itself is not that impressive, ut you have a nice view over Myanmar.

The Burmese border is formed by the Mae Sai River. Along the river are a few restaurants, nice to have lunch.

Mae Sai is a nice place to go to for one day. On one day you have more than enough time to see the township.


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