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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Chae Son National Park

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The footpath

The footpath.

The Chae Son Nationaal Park is located about 75 km north of Lampang, in the Mueang Pan district.
The road to the park starts as a good four-lane highway, but for the last 20 or 30 km you have to follow narrow two-lane roads. The way to the park is easy to find, there are enough signposts, we never went in the wrong direction. But you must remember where you came from, because on the way back to Lampang you will not see many signposts.

The park, over 750 square kilometers, is an area with mountains, caves, waterfalls and hot springs.
We only have been in the surrounding of the park's headquarter. The headquarter is just behind the entrance. We never had to pay an entrance fee in this park.



If you follow the road next to the headquarter for maybe 10 minutes, the road is narrow and sometimes very steep, you arrive at the Chae Son waterfall. This waterfall has 6 parts.



There is a small building for the park keepers. Here you can hand in any food you may have with you, it is not allowed to take any food in the park, because this might disrupt nature. And you can buy food for the fish that swim in the little lakes between the parts of the waterfall.
Along the waterfall there are stairs, and even bridges, constructed. You can walk, and climb, to the top of the waterfall, sometimes it is very steep. We like to walk there.
When you arrive at the top, you can walk to other waterfalls, we never did that.
To go back, you must follow the same stairs and bridges, but near the end, you can take another path.

Clothing for sale

Clothing for sale.

Next to the parking place you can buy souvenirs and clothing. People living in the area are selling there products, mainly handicraft.
Nice to take a look, and maybe you want to buy something, it is not expensive.

Climbing makes you hungry, and on the way back, next to the headquarter, you can buy food.

Opposite the headquarter is an area with a number of hot water springs. The water contains a lof of sulphur, it is very warm, and sometimes foggy. The temperature of the water is over 70° C.
There are a few footways, and sometimes you see warning signs for the warm water. In the water you can see strange plants, or alga. It is fascinating to walk in this area.
The hot water and the cool water from the waterfall mix, and here you will see a lot of people playing in the water.

The bath

The bath.

In the back of this area are a few buildings, bathhouses. For a small fee, you can hire a towel and use a bath for as long as you like, there are private bathtubs and a common pool.
The water in the tubs is refrehed continuously. Depending on the location of the building, the water is warm of very warm.
We visited other hot springs, in Chiang Rai and in Kamphaeng Phet, but this is the most pleasant hot spring, because the surrounding is very nice.

The pavilion

The pavilion.

After a relaxing hot bath, a traditional Thai massage is even more relaxing.
And you can have one here, in a vast, open pavilion.

Our last visit was in November 2017.


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