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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Dined at The Rave

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447/15-16 Thanon Ratchaprarop, opposite the Indra Regent Hotel, Pratunam, Bangkok, http://www.rave-bangkok.com/

We had a meal in this restaurant by accident. The restaurant looked nice, tables with cutlery, wine glasses and linen napkins. A few people were having a meal. And we were hungry, so we went in.

The menu was a bit disappointing, the prices are high, 90 Thb for a small bottle Singha.
We see a few dishes we have never heard of, like a traditional dish from Isan with salmon. There is no salmon in Isan, not even in Thailand (except imported salmon).
We decide to order fried chicken lard. We do not know this dish, and we are curious. Larb is spicy minced meat, originally from the north-east region of Thailand.

Service is slow. We get the impression the staff does not know what we order, but after we pointed it out on the menu, someone goes to the kitchen. We order a glass of wine, the amount of wine is measured out with a spoon, very strange.

The cook is faster, we hear her chop up something right away, and after 10 minutes, the meal is dished up. It does not taste like lard, but like tastless fried chicken.

145 Thb for 10 small pieces of tastless chicken is a lot of money.
We will never again go to this restaurant.


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