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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Dined at Mae Nam Chao Phaya

Home - Travel stories - Bangkok - Dined at Mae Nam Chao Phaya

The entrance

The entrance.

Mae Nam Chao Phaya, Thanon Luang Phaeng, Bangkok.
Coordinates: 13º42'26"N 100º50'02"E.
This restaurant is just in Bangkok, but on the final frontier.
It is hard to find. You follow Thanon On-nut from the airport in the direction of Chachoengsao. If you passing under the highway to Chonburi you go un until the first bridge. Just after the bridge turn left, there is a sign with cola advertising, a dirt road. The road is very bumpy, and ends at a small parking along a khlong. At the right of the parking lot is the restaurant.

There are only Thai dishes on the menu. Not the well-known dishes, but old-fashioned dishes or self-developed dishes. Dishes that you do not often find in a restaurant.

The khlong

The khlong.

We liked what we have eaten there. It is delicious, varied, and there is plenty of choice.
The times that we have been there it was busy, all tables occupied, and that also tells us something about the quality.

There is enough staff, not as much as you would see sometimes in Thailand, and not so young. But that's okay, they are friendly, attentive, and they know what they are talking about.

The restaurant

The restaurant.

The restaurant is located between dense vegetation, between a beautiful old house and a khlong.
When we arrived the first time we thought that we had gone back 25 years in time. The view on the khlong, and the houses on the other side is just as in the house of Pia's parents 25 years ago: a few wooden houses, scaffolding, people catching fish, small rowing boats.
The restaurant fits in well with the environment, wood, old stuff.

It is not big, maybe 10 tables, a few tables on a raised part.
Because of the vegetation and water there are a lot of mosquitoes, but with fans these are kept at a distance. We have never had any oroblems with mosquitoes.

The kitchen is a separate building near the entrance. If you walk along you can see the chefs at work, from the restaurant you do not see the kitchen.

This restaurant is not really cheap, but the quality is also very good. For about 8 people, we paid about 2000 THB including a few bottles of beer.

We have been there for the first time in February 2012. Our last visit was in February 2016.


All the Thai staff has been replaced by staff from Vietnam. These people are, according to the owner of the restaurant, cheaper and they work harder. Communication is a bit difficult.


All the Vietnamese staff is gone, only staff from Thailand.


The restaurant has grown a bit bigger, there is space for 3 tables extra.
And there's a new cook, who likes to use a lot of chilis. Not what you call an improvement.


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