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Page updated: 2018-09-20

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Floating markets

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The modern market

The modern market.

In 2011, along the way to Hua Hin we saw signs pointing to the Hua Hin Floating Market. A floating market in Thailand is held on a river or canal, and we knew nothing of rivers and canals in Hua Hin.
Therefore we asked the hotel staff for information. There was no floating market, it was still being built, and it was not ready yet.

The mill

The mill.

In 2012 we have been there.
And there is not just one floating market, there are two.
They are located almost along the same road. According to the sign about 5 kilometers of each other, but if you're in one market you can see the other.

The first floating market, the closest to Hua Hin, coordinates 12°30'32.11"N 99°54'52.53"E, is modern. There are bright, open buildings that are built around a pond. Between the buildings and the waterfront is a broad gallery.
As usual there is plenty for sale at a floating market. Traditionally it is mainly food. But here's also clothing for sale, and souvenirs.
Behind the market is something you might call a petting zoo, where you can feed sheep and fish if you pay a fee. In front stands a mill, a strange sight in Thailand.

The oldfashioned market

The oldfashioned market.

The second floating market, coordinates 12°30'09.07"N 99°54'34.71"E, has the same structure, buildings around a pond, this market is bigger than the first one. But this market is built in a style that is much more traditional. Rather dark wooden buildings, thatched roofs. In the pond are a couple of old fishing boats, and there is a stage where a band plays.
The products for sale are not much different from the first market.

In February 2015 we made a second visit to the traditional market. The modern market, when we drove by, made an deserted impression.


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