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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Slept at Pornping Tower Hotel

Home - Travel stories - Chiang Mai - Slept at Pornping Tower Hotel

46,48 Thanon Charoenprathet, Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, 053-270099, http://www.imperialhotels.com/pornpinghotelchiangmai/.

This is a large hotel with 325 rooms, close to the night market, in the center of Chiang Mai.
We have come there by accident, we were looking for a hotel in the neighborhood of the river and the Night Bazar, and we came across this hotel. We did not book in advance.
When we rode into the parking lot in front of the hotel we saw a big sign that welcomed De Jong Intratoers guests.

The reception and the lobby look good, spacious and high. At the reception we were offered DeLuxe rooms.
We first inspected the rooms, at first a room on the 17th floor. This room looked good, clean but a bit dated.
One of our traveling companions did not want to stay on the 17th floor, Hence we have asked for rooms on a lower floor. After some talking we were offered two rooms on the third floor.
These rooms also looked good, but the decor was very dated, dark wood, an old cabinet with radio and light switches beside the bed. This looked like 70's decor. Also the whole floor smelled a bit musty, but this happens very often in Thai hotels, caused by the Thai climate.
We have accepted the rooms. Later we noticed that there was smoked in their rooms. The rooms have sliding doors but no balcony, so the doors were locked, the smell could noy get away.
We were wondering how a Standard room would look like.

The breakfast was extensive, both Thai and Western dishes. We found the breakfast not very special, but well enough.
What struck us was the height, or rather the lowness of the ceiling. Tall people had to stoop.
Mistake by the architect?

Next to the hotel is a swimming pool with sun loungers, a bar and a stage.
In front and beside the hotel is ample parking place.
And of course, normal to a large hotel in Thailand, a karaoke lounge and a disco.
Along the parking lot is a low building, which is a massage parlor. You can also have a massage outdoor.

We have been there in February 2012.
For the room, including breakfast, we paid 1,200 Thb per night.


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