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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap


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Children are a thankful subject to photograph. They are often spontaneous, relaxed.
Unfortunately, children in Thailand learn very young they should stand neatly when they see a camera. And that after three counts, nung, soong, saam, and when the flash has fired, they can continue to play.
The trick is to make a few shots just before or just after; then they are spontaneously again.

Most of the pictures on this page are made in Thailand, a few in the Netherlands.

Ee and Mem, Bangkok

Ee and Mem, Bangkok, 1983.

At the back of the house, Bangkok

At the back of the house, Bangkok, 1983.

A schoolclass in a cave, Nakhon Pathom

A schoolclass in a cave, Nakhon Pathom, 1987.

Bang Pa-in 1989

Bang Pa-in, 1989.

Not nice, 1989

Not nice, Chiang Mai, 1989.

Hua Ta Kee, 1991

Hua Ta Kee, 1991.

Along the Mekong, 2000

Along the Mekong, Nong Khai, 2000.

Nakhon Sawan, 2003

Nakhon Sawan, 2003.

Kathe and Cartoon, 2005

Kathe and Cartoon, Bangkok, 2005.

Adirek, 2006

Adirek, Hua Hin, 2006.

Dilay, Apeldoorn, 2006

Dilay, Apeldoorn, 2006.

Dilay, 2007

Dilay, Ko Chang, 2007.

Nam Waan, Bangkok, 2007

Nam Waan, Bangkok, 2007.

Dilay, Hua Hin, 2007

Dilay, Hua Hin, 2007.

Dilay, Apeldoorn, 2007

Dilay, Apeldoorn, 2007.

Am, Bangkok, 2010

Am, Bangkok, 2010.

Kathe and Am, Bangkok, 2010

Kathe and Am, Bangkok, 2010.

Am, Bangkok, 2010

Am, Bangkok, 2010.

Am, Bang Saen, 2011

Am, Bang Saen, 2011.

Cartoon, Bangkok, 2011

Cartoon, Bangkok, 2011.

Cartoon, Bangkok, 2012

Cartoon, Bangkok, 2012

Am, Bangkok, 2012

Am, Bangkok, 2012.

Chakkarat, 2112

Chakkarat, 2112.

Kamphaeng Phet, 2112

Kamphaeng Phet, 2112.

Nam Waan, Chanthaburi, 2112

Nam Waan, Chanthaburi, 2112.

Apeldoorn, 2112

Apeldoorn, 2112.


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