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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

First impression

Home - Travel stories - Ko Samui - First impression

Upon arriving at the Seatran ferry, at a quarter to four, we buy tickets, we hear that we must wait until 7 pm and we are directed to a row of waiting cars. The driver must stay with the car, because maybe there is place for the cars on a previous boat. It appears on the boat of 5 o'clock there is enough room for all the waiting cars.
It all seems pretty good and well organized. On the trip from Ko Samui it was more relaxed.

On arrival at Koh Samui, it is already dark, we drive to a restaurant where we will meet Viyada, a niece of Pia, where we will sleep. The restaurant is on the beach, a few kilometers north of Nathon.
After dinner we go to the house of Viyada, she rents it for 15,000 THB per month. The house is small, but nicely furnished and comfortable, and is about 5 km north of Nathon. We have been there 5 nights.

We want to look around on Ko Samui the next day and drive on the road. The closer we get to the tourist beaches, the more surprised we are.
Are we in Thailand or are we not?
Pizzas, burgers, tattooed bald white heads on moped bikes.
Moped bikes on the wrong side of the road.
People who do not understand the unwritten Thai traffic rules.
Busy, Busy, ..
And almost nowhere you can see a beach from the road.

We turn into a side road and try to come closer to the beach. It only gets busier, and nowhere is a beach.

We try again the next day, at Bophut, another beach. We do get to the coast, only you can drive there just a little bit along the beach, perhaps ahundred meters, and no parking.

We quite enjoyed ourselves on Ko Samui, but the enthusiastic stories, that we hear in the Netherlands, we do not understand that very much.
This was our first, and probably last visit to Ko Samui.


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