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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Ang Thong National Marine Park

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Pia's niece Viyada suggested we could make a day trip to the Ang Thong National Marine Park. That was nice, she said, and she could book for us, 900 THB per person, everything included except the admission to the park.
We let her book.

On the boat

On the boat.

The next morning we would be picked up at about 8pm and brougt to the boat. Just in time a minibus stopped along the road at Viyada's house, a number of (Thai) tourists were already in the bus. Fifteen minutes later we arrived in Nathon at a boat. Tom had to buy a ticket for the park, Thais may enter for free.
On the boat we were offered a simple breakfast and the guide explained the program of the day. We would visit two islands, and there was time to relax on the beach.

Slippery trail

Slippery trail.

After one and a half hour we arrived at the first island, Kho Wua Talap.
We have to change to longtail boats who took us to the beach. Until about our waists in water we went to the beach, it is warm, so that's okay.
On this island we could climb a mountain, up to 350 meters high, but it had been raining so the path was very slippery. We decided not to climb upwards, Tom had problems with one foot, we enjoyed the beautiful beach.

Beautiful beach

Beautiful beach.

After a while, exactly at the appointed time, back to the boat where lunch was waiting for us, rice, gaeng massaman, sweet and sour vegetables and nam prik kapi. The food tasted good, better than expected.



And after half an hour we arrived at the second island, Ko Mae Ko. First boat stopped a while to let people, who wanted to go kayaking, go from board

The lake

The lake.

In the middle of Ko Mae Ko, between high mountain walls, is a saltwater lake. To get there we had to climb up for a while, through steep, but good stairs, up the mountain. Upstairs we had a fantastic view on the blue-green lake, and the sea around the island. After a while we climbed back down We sat down and relaxed on the beach.
There was also the possibility of snorkelling.

And then sailing back to Ko Samui. one and a half hour. On board was beer for sale, good against thirst.
After arriving at Ko Samui we were neatly brought home again.

The guide

The guide.

It was a nice day.
The guide had everything well organized and under control, even though he looked a bit clownesque. And the rest of the crew were friendly and very helpful.
The next day we had very annoying muscle pain from the climbing.


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