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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Dined at "Phon" Saep Isan

Home - Travel stories - Bangkok - Dined at "Phon" Saep Isan

Along Thanon Chalong Krung, Lam Prathew, Lat Krabang, Bangkok; opposite Soi 9.

As the name suggests, this is a restaurant where food from the north-east of Thailand, Isan, is sold.
The food is usually quite spicy, but if you once have come to appreciate it, you can't get enough of.
We ended up here because it was within walking distance of the house Pia's youngest sister. And because we wanted to eat Isan food.

The restaurant has no sign with Roman letters, so you just have to try to find it.
It is a wood building with a corrugated iron roof, built along the road on a vacant piece of land. The building stands on stilts, about 1 meter above the ground; so you can keep keep your feet dry during the rainy season.
Around the building is high elephant grass, it is claimed that there are pythons, but we've never seen any.

The interior is simple, some 10 wooden tables with a plastic mat on it, and at each table 4 to 8 chairs. There can sit about 60 people.
On the ceilings and poles there are fans for the necessary cooling.
In the back of lives the staff, and there are also a few fridges with soft drinks and beer. In the front, along the street, is the open kitchen. You can see the food being prepared.
If you want to order food you write your order on a piece of paper (these are on the table), and you give it to someone from the staff. And after a while, not long, your order will be put on the table.
Would you like to order more, that is going the same way.

The food tasted very good every time we have eaten there. It was just like you may expect. If you indicate that it should not be too hot, then it is not either.
As far as we can see that the kitchen is clean.

The staff speaks only Thai and Lao (the language of the Isan). Some people are not Thai, but Laotians. It's a bit difficult to order if you do not speak Thai, it is the way it is.

The food is not expensive, how much we do not know exactly, but we were never unpleasantly surprised by the bill.

We were here for the first in February 2015, a few times. And most recently in November/December 2017, also a few times.


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