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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Travelling through Thailand

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Eating is sanook Travelling through Thailand is fun. The people are nice, the food is delicious, the country usually beautiful and the climate pleasant.
When we are in Thailand, at the weekend we are often in Latkrabang or Prawet. Pia's family lives there and in the weekend everyone comes together, pleasant and relaxing.
Pleasant and relaxed, sanuk and sabay, is very important in Thailand. One of the things that is sanuk and that makes you feel sabay is eating and drinking. So we will mention that from time to time. People in Thailand eat very often, and during a meal they talk about what they are going to eat the next meal. Sometimes they travel for hours, just to eat in a specific restaurant. Eating is sanook And some people even bring their own kitchen in the back of the car.

During the week we usually travel around. Previously by bus, train or plane. Now we drive ourselves in a borrowed or rented car.
We've visited a lot of places in Thailand, and there is a lot more to bee seen. Some places we visit more than once because we like it there. We will tell you about many places we have visited, and if we have pictures, we will show some. The story may be about a city, a province, a museum, ....
Beside stories about places, you will also find some stories about typical Thai things.

Starting in 2010 we write about the places where we have eaten and slept. And what we think about the place.
Sometimes this is about places with a name and an adress, sometimes about places just somewhere along a road.
We give our opinion, and that is not an abolute truth, it is only what we think about a place on a certain moment.
Sometimes we write about a place we have been before 2010. This cannot be very detailed, because we did not makes notes yet.

Our travelstories.